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“Let the Light Shine”   
Futuretech Energy Solutions provides green energy and safety to its clients all over Kerala.
We provide our customers with a solar panel system that most efficiently meets their energy needs at the best value. Also, we are supporting customers with CCTV camera and automatic gate installation functioned with solar energy.
We are providing custom-designed solar panel systems that most efficiently meet the needs of your home or business. More and more people are switching to electricity made by the sun with solar panels, as they can substantially help cut costs on energy bills and support to step on environment friendly energy. We want to help our environment, that is why our goal is to make sure that everybody will switch to solar energy in the future.
Installing a solar system would allow you to use the sun as an energy source to power your home’s appliances and electronic devices. By switching to solar, your household would become independent from an external energy, often reducing your purchased electric costs to zero.
Incentives and innovations make solar energy one of the most practical and cost-effective power solutions for homes and Business. Your solar-energy-generating system will be able to generate a return on investment in as few as 5 years. At that time, your energy savings will have offset your initial solar panel installation cost.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to become the leading reliable environment friendly energy providers for the households and commercial customers in India.

Our vision is energizing the future with reliable environment friendly resources.

Why Choose Us

Ideal for all projects:

Any client need, from modest to large-scale initiatives, can benefit from the services we offer.We offer top-notch service.

Quality & Dedication

We never skimp on quality, which is why our portfolio has expanded by 50% in the past year.

Superior Products

In our solar systems, only the best, most effective equipment is employed. By using high-quality products, you can rest easy knowing that the system will last a long time and be dependable.

Quick responses guaranteed.

You can count on our team to react to your inquiries quickly and within 24 hours, ensuring that you never have to wait for information regarding your energy solutions.

Our Products


Solar panel

We provide solar panel services related to the installation, maintenance, repair, and optimization of solar panels. It includes various stages....
Solar panel installation involves assessing the site, designing the system, acquiring permits, and mounting the panels on rooftops, ground mounts, or other suitable locations. Professional solar installers ensure proper placement, wiring, and connection to the electrical grid or battery storage systems.

Regular maintenance is important to keep solar panels operating at their optimal efficiency. This may include cleaning the panels to remove dirt, debris, or snow, inspecting electrical connections, checking for any damage or wear, and ensuring that the system is functioning correctly.

In case of any issues or damage to solar panels, repair services are required. This can involve diagnosing and fixing problems such as faulty wiring, damaged cells, or inverter issues. Qualified technicians can identify the source of the problem and perform the necessary repairs to restore the system's functionality.


Solar inverter

A solar inverter is one of the most crucial parts of a solar system. It helps in converting direct current (DC) generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC)....which is used to run your electrical appliances in both residential and commercial applications. Finding the right solar inverter can be confusing, but with our wide array of solar inverters, you can choose the best fit as per your requirement.


Solar battery

The growing scarcity of resources isn’t hidden from anyone. Therefore, to tackle with this issue, several ways were and are still being brought up. ...One such ways was the use of solar energy for the generation of electricity. But, it can be done using a few equipment like solar panel, battery, inverter, charge controller that as a whole are called a solar system. Where solar panel is the basic requirement in a solar system, a battery acts another. A battery stores energy, and that’s what makes it this important.


Solar waterheater

A simple, dependable, and affordable technique called solar water heating uses the sun's energy to meet the need for hot water in households and businesses.


Solar ON GRID and OFF GRID projects

A solar power generation system known as a "On Grid System" (SPGS) is one that is connected to the utility grid. ...The electricity generated by the system is sent to this grid.where it is utilised to power various appliances, the electrical grid, or the electrical service provider. An on-grid system is simple to install and straightforward to maintain.

*upto Zero electricity bill
• low maintenance
• 25 year warranty for panels and 5 to 10 years warranty for inverters.

The consumer just has to pay for the excess electricity he uses thanks to the solar PGS connected to the grid.If the consumer owes money for excessive usage, it will be shown on the monthly invoice that is generated. Additionally, if a consumer produces more electricity than he consumes, the extra is fed back into the system. Simple setup and maintenance Since the grid-tied or on-grid system has the fewer parts than the other two solar PGS (off grid, on grid, and hybrid), installation is straightforward.The lack of batteries makes this system's upkeep simple as well. generating passive income The consumer can charge for the extra electricity he produced by being connected to the grid.



The CCTV camera acts as a third eye of your home when an intrusion or theft take place while in your absence....The images and videos are instantly transferred to your phone over internet which in turn prompt you to rush home /workplace or intimate your neighbour,friend or nearest police station.


Automatic Gate

The requirements for your Automatic gate service will really depend on the make, model, design and any obvious problems.


Inverter & battery dealer

We are No.1 multi-brand battery store, offering 100% genuine automobile and inverter batteries with manufacturer warranty.


B class electrical contractor

We are providing well experienced B class electrical contractor .They provide the best quality services.


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